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GlobeQuest Timeshare:: Packing Tips

All these are important items that you need to carry with you whenever you travel to Mexico.
By making sure  that you are prepared and include all these necessary items, your vacation will run much more smoothly.


Passport And Passport Card

Every country has its own rules and regulations regarding visitors from outside of the country. It is very important to have all the relevant documents. Always ensure you have passports and original birth certificates for children under the age of sixteen.

Driver’s license

If you are planning to hit the road and spend time driving while in Mexico, this luxury vacation provider recommends carrying your driver’s license. This can also be used for identification, so either way, it is an important item to bring along.

Mexican auto insurance

In addition to a driver’s license, ensure you have Mexican auto insurance since law requires it. You can always buy one online.


In addition to a debit and credit card, it is critical to carry with you some cash. Prior to entering Mexico, you can get some pesos at the available currency exchange booths.

Cell phone and charger

Globe Quest advises travelers to check with their cell phone carrier for instructions on the best way to use a cell phone in Mexico, and find out if an international plan is required.
GlobeQuest Timeshare Recommends Food to eat while traveling in Mexico

GlobeQuest Timeshare Recommends Food to eat while traveling in Mexico

GlobeQuest Timeshare, a top provider of luxury travel accommodations, knows that an essential component of traveling in Mexico that a tourist cannot afford to miss is the sampling of the best Mexican cuisine. There is a large variety of foods to select from. Cuisine varies greatly according to region, nature of the establishment and external influence. Many traditional dishes have been strongly influenced by European cuisine, especially Spanish cuisine.

While traveling in Mexico, GlobeQuest Timeshare advises it is necessary to eat a hearty breakfast. This is essential because there are tropical temperatures during the day. The heat can drain the energy of an individual very easily. This can lead to fainting, hence missing the crucial moments of the tour. A traditional breakfast usually consists of leftover meat, gravy, a tortilla or taco and juice or coffee.

GlobeQuest Timeshare says when it comes to traditional meals, lunch is usually lighter, usually consisting of rice cakes, a meat or vegetable stew and fruit. Men also usually consume wine or tobacco after their meal. And as for a traditional supper there are many choices of meat, usually chicken or beef, a tortilla, corn or rice cake. Sometimes a vegetable stew is used as an accompaniment. Traditional meals can be obtained from local eateries and restaurants offering local cuisine.

While traveling in Mexico over long distances, sometimes it is not possible to obtain complete meals. There are street foods that can be consumed while traveling without causing inconvenience for they are easily packaged and carried. They include tacos, tamales, quesadillas, pambasos and huaraches. These foods can be accompanied with a drink of choice, such as orange juice. GlobeQuest Timeshare invites travelers to try something new at these street vendors and experience more of the local culture.

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