GlobeQuest Travel Club Discusses Best Places to Eat While Vacationing in Todos Santos

GlobeQuest Travel Club is excited to feature many great places to eat while near Cabo San Lucas.

best places to eat in todos santos

GlobeQuest Travel Club invites travelers to eat in Todos Santos

GlobeQuest Travel Club is a vacation provider for those looking to have the best trip possible to Mexico with world-class resorts to exceed member’s expectations. Of the many exciting activities to do and sights to see, just a one-hour drive north of Cabo San Lucas is where Todos Santos is located. Beaches, art galleries, and other activities are available for travelers to enjoy during a day-trip outside of Cabo. Of particular note is the unique and diverse cuisine of the area.

It is recommended by Globe Quest Travel Club to eat at Guisandero Seafood & Woodfire Cocina. A relatively new restaurant, it features a beautiful cactus garden for guests to eat outdoors in the peaceful setting of the Baja region. Guisandero Seafood & Woodfire Cocina is perfect for those who want to sample fresh seafood, an assortment of Mexican wines, pastas, and pizzas cooked in a real wood fire oven. There are several styles to choose from in regards to the fresh-caught seafood that is offered. Veracrusano style includes tomatoes, onions, peppers, caper, olives, and red rice on the side. Talla has adobo Guajillo beans and is grilled with garlic or pickled onions. For the best steak, Arrachera style involves grilling with various spices and served with guacamole, a radish vinaigrette, grilled onions, and salsa mojacateada.

Another restaurant suggested by GlobeQuest Travel Club is Hierabuena Restaurante Hortaliza. Serving the freshest seafood, incredible salads and brick oven pizzas, the restaurant has outdoor seating to enjoy the great weather that this region of Mexico is so well-known for. The backyard garden is where organic produce is grown for cooking. Best of all, guests have the option to purchase this produce to bring home and cook with the best possible ingredients from the restaurant.

These are only some of the many exceptional restaurants in Todos Santos. Each one features unique dishes, ingredients, and cooking styles to entice the palate. Which ones to choose within a given time is the only real effort that has to be made by the traveler. Better yet, repeated visits to the area will offer a greater chance to taste more of what has to be offered.

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GlobeQuest Timeshare shares information on upcoming Los Cabos Green Fest

GlobeQuest Timeshare says visitors can enjoy eco-friendly sports, music and more at annual Green Fest.

Enjoy the Green Fest in Cabo San Lucas

GlobeQuest Timeshare is located on the beautiful Baja Peninsula. We know that when you visit here, you will instantly fall in love with the spectacular views and pristine beaches. However, taking care of the natural beauty of this area is a group effort.

That is why GlobeQuest Timeshare recommends guests take the opportunity to enjoy the Los Cabos Green Fest Oct. 9 and 10 here. Billed as the “first sustainable festival combining entertainment, sports, and outreach on environmental awareness issues,” Las Cabos Green Fest strives to help both locals and visitors interact with and learn about the environment. But it’s not just an educational event.

Green Fest is set to feature conferences and workshops dedicated to sustainability issues. These workshops will be on topics such as permaculture, health and nutrition, green business, protected areas and natural wonders. GlobeQuest Timeshare shares that local and U.S. based companies will also be on hand to introduce and offer sustainable products and services.

As we said before, it’s not all educational meetings. You may also take part in one of the sports activities at the festival. GlobeQuest Timeshare recommends signing up early for the master yoga class, beach soccer cup tournament, standup paddle boarding tournament and ecotrail run as space is limited.

International artists will also perform at Green Fest. You can dance to the music of electronica band Mœnia, or enjoy the lyrical flow of rapper Marv Ellis, among many others. GlobeQuest Timeshare says that there will even be a battle of the bands featuring up-and-coming music artists. Because this is Green Fest, participants will help power the stage using Pedal Power energy-generating bikes.

With the GlobeQuest Timshare memberships, unforgettable vacation experiences can be planned over the phone with a live Vacation Expert or just the click of a button on the member-only GlobeQuest website.

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